Five of the Most Ridiculous Crowd Funding Campaigns (plus one really good one)

Okay, so we all know about the epic Kickstarter wins (Zach Braff’s movie) and the epic Kickstarter fails (Melissa Joan Heart’s movie) but do you know about the epically RIDICULOUS let’s-see-how-many-idiots-we-can-get-to-fund-us ideas?

These are our favourites.

FAIL: The Love is Art Kit
For the couple that wants a unique piece of art, that when asked “what the hell is that?!” they can proudly proclaim, it is in fact a depiction of the love they share – literally. Umm, what? In maker Jeremy Brown’s terms, The Love is Art Kit is for the couple that would like to make “a tangible piece of abstract expressionistic art while being intimate with each other”. In our terms, it’s you, having sex, on the floor, covered in paint, and then hanging the mess on the wall.  Okay, all together now… “ewwww”.

FAIL: Python Snakeskin Shoelaces
For the Kanye Wests of the world, say
hello to the Python Snakeskin Shoelaces. Carefully handcrafted using
100% python skins found deep in the jungles of Indonesia, each lace is
finished with gold aglet tips… ARE YOU FOR REAL? #srsly even Kanye would
think these are completely ridiculous.  And he owns some pointless

FAIL: Help Heroes For Hire buy 4 cans of beers
Seriously, that’s all they wanted. Beer. Four cans of beer. The Sydney based pop-punk upstarts were looking to raise £500 to buy FOUR CANS OF BEER. They weren’t even after some of that top shelf shit, just four regular cans of beer. If you were mega keen on getting them drunk, for £100, you could even tattoo a word of your choice on one of their butts. It’s peeps like this that give crowd funding a bad name.

WIN: Brendan Maclean Gets Stupid (This is the really good one!)
stupid being in the name, this campaign is far from it. The
singer/songwriter/Twitter-master appealed to his fans to help
fund the recording of his debut album. After only two days, Brendan
reached more than 50% of his targeted $17,000. Offering a range of
unique rewards (including sweaters from his personal collection),
Brendan easily surpassed his target, finishing the project with a very
humble heart and $21,174 in his pocket. Want to know how to run a crowd funded campaign that actually works?
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Brendan Maclean HERE. (And don’t forget, you can get $10 off if you enter “$10BURGER” at the checkout!)

FacePlay: An Inappropriate Party Game
This one is basically Celebrity Heads but… no wait, it is Celebrity Heads. Just made of paper, stapled together and featuring AWFUL ‘inappropriate’ topics. They wanted $5,000 to create a game (using the industry standard for design,  Microsoft Word) that you can print out at home and staple to your face. With product examples like this, it sure is a wonder as to why they didn’t get the full $5,000 they were after…

FAIL: Movie Moments – Capturing Hilarious Movie Reactions
The idea: to place cameras in front of movie theatre seats to capture that hilarious moment when something scares the bejeebus out of you. Your chair-wetting moment of terror is then posted to Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because everybody apparently wants to be humiliated online. This project needed $75,000 to get off the ground. It got nuthin’. Zip. Nada. ZERO DOLLARS. Faith in humanity has been restored.

Do the super health check. You could end up heaps better off.