The ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Movie Announces Release Date

The People’s Movie, Veronica Mars, has announced its much-anticipated release date, meaning super fans comfortable enough to describe themselves as Marshmallows now have another reason to look forward to March 14th 2014, aside from it being TGIFriday and the one year anniversary of the film’s fortuitous conception. 

News of the film’s wide release date follows on from its unprecedented success as a Kickstarter fan-funded project, initiated by Rob Thomas in March of this year when the series creator asked admirers of the critically and popularly-acclaimed small-screen sleuth to pitch in for a movie-length revival, which was then shot in only 23 days with the backing of 91,585 donors who shilled an incredible $5,702,153 in less than nine hours. 
“Warner Bros. had this date circled for quite some time and hoped it would stay open,” Thomas told Entertainment Weekly. “Luckily, no other teen detective movie decided to open in the middle of March.”
Here are two sneak peaks to give you an indication of what you can expect from the ten year reunion. Ninety-nine days to go, Marshmallows.