Fifteen Bachelorettes Who Are Killing It and Who You Should Also Be Following On Instagram

Ladies: they’re killing it in the most legally sound ways possible. Every which way you look, there’s an impossibly talented bachelorette kicking goals, taking approximately zero (0) prisoners, and capturing the moment on Instagram in a usually well-framed vignette guaranteed to amass at least 10+ Likes (or else it didn’t happen). 
Fact: There are over 200,000,000 unique monthly users on the popular photo sharing app dolling out 1,600,000,000 Likes on the 60,000,000 or so photos that are uploaded daily. With those incomprehensibly large numbers and a shared love of highly-likeable ladies in mind, we thought it time to give you a cursory glimpse into our feed. Herewith, a few of our favourite bachelorettes who are killing it around the world and who you’d be well-advised to follow on Instagram. 
If you haven’t already, you’re highly-encouraged to seek out by any means necessary the Comedy Central debut series from Ilana Glazer (@IlanusGlazer) and Abi Jacobsen (@abbijacobson), Broad City – a loveable comedic chimera that blends seams-and-all the post-feminist, stoner, rom com and slapstick genres with goofy fantasy and nuanced realism to create a beautiful Frankenstein’s monster that deftly undermines all other contributions to the urban twenty-something trying to make it in New York canon. 
Their shared Instagram account is just as good: behind-the-scenes, fan art and pugs in equal measure. Started from the bottom:
Though she has only just stepped over the edge of seventeen, Tavi Gevinson will never not be the poster child for the perfect mix of wonderful, impossibly affable preternatural God-given talent and regular teen gal realness.
Last week’s most controversial Instagram account was well worth a follow prior to the elevator hijinks that launched a thousand speculative headlines. In light of that, it’s still worth your time, now more than ever. 
Controversy aside, Solange also has an impeccable eye for print, colour, New Orleans Mardi Gras masquerade and vacation spots that will have you tagging in your mates faster than you can make another uninspired 100th Problem gag. 
Do it for the bass face.
If January Jones ever wants to really shake off the ice queen persona she has cultivated not only through her brilliant portrayal of Betty but also through literally being cast as a character called Emma Frost, then more people really need to see her Instagram feed. 
Chic selfies with the cast and cows of Mad Men are apposite to #tbts of her extraordinarily terrible childhood haircuts. Caption and personal style game also strong.
Speaking of prolific contributors to the vast urban twenty-something trying to make it in New York canon, Lena Dunham, and her strangely anthropomorphic dog, Lamby, are your number one source of any and all Girls and Jack Antonoff-related content. A dog in a jean jacket though! For Pete’s sake. 
Second only to her MVP red carpet record, watching Lupita’s feed grow is akin to watching a star literally rise. 
Equal parts real talk and orgiastic mood board, Karley Sciortino’s Slutever feed walks that precarious line between wantonly flouting Instagram’s Terms & Conditions and dreamy NSFW fashion blog. 
Reading recommendations, Portlandia references and – a recurring theme here – wow, many dog, from post-Riot Grrrl Carrie Brownstein.  
‘Fish are friends, not food’ is the caption Margot Robbie attributed to this photo – one of many – from her recent Nicaraguan vacay. Like Lupita, a relative newcomer in Hollywood whose propensity for ridiculous hashtags is paralleled only by her rapidly rising profile. 
Another expat who has recently decamped to the States, Kitsuné label mate Chela’s technicolor feed is almost as good as her incredible choreography.  
Amy Schumer cares not for filters in any sense of the world. Racoon sweaters are always an added bonus.
If there were ever a cinematic dynasty for whom Instagram was best suited, it’s the Coppolas
Ersatz Sofia, Gia, whose debut feature Palo Alto will have its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in June, provides a look inside both a Hollywood dynasty, a nascent filmmaker’s first real press tour. 
Her feed also contains almost as much James Franco and teen girl intrigue as, well, James Franco’s account.
PEDESTRIAN Bachelorette alumni Kimbra is well worth a follow for people who have eyes and aren’t afraid to use them.
And at fifteen, here’s where you come in. 

Entries are now open for the PEDESTRIAN.TV Bachelorette Of The Year 2014 presented by MINI – a nation-wide search for Australia’s most talented, accomplished, ambitious and impressive women. If your status is “single”, “engaged” or even “it’s complicated”, you very much qualify to stand up and be celebrated for any mad skills you just so happen to possess, or alternatively you can dob in a beloved female friend who you think fits the bill. 
We’re looking for Australian women who have more to offer than just a pretty face: all-rounders who inspire, raise the bar for everyone and should honestly be very smug about how great they are.
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