Eventopia Confirm They Will Definitely Refund Soundwave Ticket-Holders

Ticketing website Eventopia, after a shitstorm of ‘he said she said‘ malarky with promoter AJ Maddah, have finally confirmed that they will be giving out refunds for the recently cancelled Soundwave Festival
While it’s pretty basic Aussie consumer law that if goods and services become unavailable after payment then a full refund must be issued, the core message seemed to get lost due to the following points:
  1. AJ Maddah seeming to think that the best, most professional way to deal with this was by yelling at patrons via his personal Twitter account.
  2. AJ Maddah yelling at people because it’s obviously their fault and this is in no way his fault at all nope not even in the slightest, no-siree!
  3. AJ Maddah deleting both of his business pages from Facebook.
But, nevertheless, Eventopia have come through. While they offer no explanation as to why they have done a complete 180 from their original stance (‘not our fault, email Soundwave for a refund‘), the company have given directions to people wanting their hard-earned cash back:

SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL – REFUND PROCESSFollowing the cancellation of Soundwave Festival 2016 on December 17th 2015,…

Posted by Eventopia on Sunday, 20 December 2015

Yes, we are well aware that everything about this situation has been pretty damn bizarre, but let us now concentrate on the positive, okay? REFUNDS! Yay! Thank god.
Source: Facebook.
Photo: Martin Philbey / Getty.