Shitty Neighbours Won’t Be Allowed To Make Noise Complaints About Syd’s Enmore Theatre Anymore

sydney enmore theatre noise complaints

Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre is being further protected from shitty neighbours who have the audacity to move in near a live music venue and then file a noise complaint, thanks to a new entertainment precinct being set up in the inner west suburb.

The Inner West council voted unanimously earlier this week to make sure the Enmore is protected from local noise complaints, after new laws that are designed to promote live music and make it harder to shut down entertainment venues were passed by the NSW Government back in 2020.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the laws – which aim to cultivate and nurture a Night-time Economy in the city by amending the Liquor laws – will also see the removal of restrictions around artist numbers, music genres, dancing, and mirror balls (?) and will also allow retail spaces or shops to transform into a small music or creative venue.

Imagine being able to wander up Enmore Road on a Friday night or something and every other little bar, shop, café is a hybrid venue and there’s just music floating up the street and people having a lovely time. That energy on a balmy summer night? Sounds like pure bliss, hook it to my damn veins.

It also means that all noise complaints made on spaces within the new entertainment precincts will be dealt with by local council, instead of allowing the big wet blankets from trying to file complaints with other places like licensing cops.

This is bloody huge news, honestly, and the Enmore Theatre being the first venue in the greater Sydney area to be protected by NIMBY-ass idiots is such a huge win for the local arts scene.

Now go and do the Sydney Opera House forecourt so the rich jerks living over in the Toaster can stop sooking every time there’s a decibel of music travelling across Circular Quay.

Do it, cowards.