IRL Angel Maggie Rogers Slayed Her Enmore Show & We’ve Got The Snaps To Prove It

Contributor: Paigge Warton

Maggie Rogers played her first one-of-two sold out Sydney shows at our fave Enmore Theatre on Monday.

[jwplayer ogf981l4]

While some of Maggie’s tracks are a little slower in pace, her presence on stage is the complete opposite. Maggie came out on stage dressed in her signature scarf look (which we wish we could steal) and absolutely dominated the stage.

She danced on stage like nobody was watching and we were all here for it. How one human can move that fast in general, let alone sing simultaneously, all while looking fresh af, is beyond us, tbh.

Can we also add Maggie looked genuinely stoked to be playing, something that’s refreshing to see with huge international acts, y’know?

Don’t believe us? Check the pics out for yourself.

BRB currently trying to sort out some tickets to her Sydney Opera House gig tonight.