Emma Stone’s Disappointment At Not Meeting The Spice Girls IRL Is Your New Favourite Reaction GIF

Emma Stone traversed the entire Kübler-Ross Spectrum of Spice Girls Related Grief (Denial Spice, Angry Spice, Bargaining Spice, Depressed Spice and Accepting Spice) when her hopes of meeting not one but two of her girl power idols in the flesh were built up and subsequently crushed on a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show.
thrice noted fan of the picante troupe, Stone can now add ‘your new favourite crushed dreams reaction GIF’ to a fan girl CV that also includes the ability to forge each group members’ signature perfectly as part of an undying love for the Spice Girls that is threatening to overshadow the entire Spiderman sequel press junket. 
Somewhere, someone at Colombia Pictures is desperately trying to make an IRL meeting happen. Until then: