Music and technology go together like Vegemite and avo – fkn perfectly.

Elizabeth Rose Drops Interactive, Game-Like Video That Lets You Play Her

Stands to reason, then, that Sydney-based electro muso Elizabeth Rose has gone and teamed up with Google – pioneers of cool shit with the likes of Arcade Fire, and facilitators of a 6-sided Cube video for The Presets – to create an interactive music video.

Not unlike a video game, the clip for ‘Playing With Fire’ lets you tap, swipe and rotate your phones or tablets to make the video (and Rose) do what you please; swipe the screen and her head splits into symmetrical shapes, for e.g.

“It’s built in multiple layers of video that are playing in parallel all at once. And we’ve coded parts of those, each of the different layers to be transparent at different times, so it actually allows you to interact with different parts of it while Elizabeth is sort of right there singing to you,” says Sophie Hirst from Google Australia.

Here’s a quick demo:

Rose is pretty stoked with the outcome of the Aussie-first collab, which she hopes ya’ll love messing around with.

“I really hope the fans have fun playing with what we’ve done. We didn’t just squash the music and technology together. We melded it, so fans can interact with the meaning of the song, not just the visuals,” she said.

Fun fact: the Bjork-style buns Rose rocks in the video are more than just a style statement.

“Because we actually shot everything on a green screen so we could layer all these videos on top of one another, we had to have hairstyles that were easy to cut in green screen,” says Hirst.

Next up for Rose is the release her hotly-anticipated debut album, Intra, on March 4, followed by a tour in June.

Elizabeth Rose Drops Interactive, Game-Like Video That Lets You Play Her

Keep your eyes woke for more info on dates / locations.

To toy with Rose’s emotions in the interactive video, go to on mobile, tablet or your desktop comp.

Photo: Supplied.