Egg-Throwing Markswoman Ambushes ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Finale, Is Extremely Talented

Cruelty to animals“; “admitting Piers Morgan is a brilliant interviewer“; “eggs“: these are things Simon Cowell has professed to hating using Tweets of kind that inspired talented 30-year-old violinist Natalie Holt to take up arms, storm the stage and throw “admitting Piers Morgan is a brilliant interviewer” at Simon Cowell during the finale of Britain’s Got Talent.

Just kidding, she threw “eggs.” She threw three, maybe four eggs at Simon Cowell, each one more joyous than the last.
During the performance of two fraternal opera singers whose song she was backing, Holt emerged from the chorus line like so many before her who have gone on to great things have done and, dressed in a chic black shift accessorised with an assassin’s smile, began to pelt eggs at Cowell. One landed squarely on her mark before she was dragged offstage in a delirious stupor.
Holt, a BAFTA-nominated disgruntled former contestant whose string four piece Raven Quartet have now distanced themselves from her, has since apologised for her actions in a statement released by a BGT spokesman:

“I want to apologise to Richard and Adam for overshadowing their performance. I’ve never done anything like this before and in hindsight I have realised it was a silly thing to do.”

UPDATE: It appears you’ll have to head to YouTube to watch the video.

Following his comeuppance, Cowell maintained his composure, joking to the audience he thought Holt was throwing sandwiches as part of the performance.

Which would have made a lot more sense.

via THR