DJ S-LUDZ RETURNS: Greens Senator Drops Hectic Set At WA Music Festival

Politicians and music generally go together about as well as trigonometry and a shovel to the face. With the odd rare exception (Peter Garrett obviously, but also former Australian Democrats senator Andrew Bartlett, who had a multitude of bands including the Rock Against Howard-featured Too Green For Summer) politicians have traditionally preferred kicking opposing party members out of question time, rather than kicking out the jams.

And then there’s Greens senator Scott Ludlam, whom we’ve written about at length in the past, and have generally maintained the view that he’s a good dude/backed hard, etc.
We know in the past his DnB alter-ego DJ S-LUDZ has occasionally made public appearances, stepping behind the ones and twos to shock the youth with dope Government-approved drops.
Though he hasn’t been seen for a while, DJ S-LUDZ made a triumphant return to the stage at this past weekend’s Disconnect Festival, in the regional WA town of Pinjarra.

Of his set of pure fire, Ludz assessed: “Nobody threw anything, so that’s good.
Ludlam also held an open forum at the festival, and freely walked among patrons, happily taking photos and generally having a pretty sick time.
If some of the crew here had that experience of thinking, ‘Well maybe politicians aren’t all remote, old, bullshit artists,’ and it helps dissolve some of the boundaries, then that’s gotta be good for everybody.
Now if he can find a way to turn a campaign slogan into a club hit, we’d really be cooking with gas.
And for little reason other than the fact that it’s completely adorable, here’s this.
Bless u, DJ S-LUDZ.
Source: ABC News.