Discounted Gig Offer To Save FBI

As we’ve previously reported our amigos at FBI Radio have recently experienced some financial hardship and though they’ve pawned off vital organs, sexual services and promotional copies of 28 Days’ debut EP they still need your help to stay afloat.

Well dear reader we’re going to make your decision a whole lot easier. Despite offering a stellar lineup of acts to play their benefit gigs (Midnight Juggernauts, Lost Valentinos, Decoder Ring, Dappled Cities) we’re offering Pedestrian readers a discounted rate to the gigs so you have no excuse to miss them (we’d accept unforeseen death or Swine Flu contamination).

The discounted gigs on offer are…

THE FORUM – this Saturday, June 13, special offer tickets $20 ($30 on the door)
Do the Dance with Ajax, Infusion, Lost Valentinos, Art VS Science, Bag Raiders, Van She Tech and more..

LUNA PARK BIG TOP – Saturday June 27, special offer tickets $40 ($65 on the door)
With Midnight Juggernauts, MUSCLES, Dappled Cities, Grafton Primary, Decoder Ring and more…

The discount will be available for pre-sales until 6pm Wednesday June 17 & is only on offer to mailout recipients! To access – use the Special Offer Code ‘savefbi’ when purchasing from

So c’mon guys show FBI some love and head on down to the shows…