Diplo Gets Pon De Reddit For ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session

Diplo: Mad Decent heah-honcho, game-changing producer, and maker of music that is constantly evolving, occasionally weird, but always booty-bounceable. His stage shows as Major Lazer get girls doing things that would make Miley Cyrus blush, and he’s just released a new EP called Revolution. He took to Reddit today for an Ask Me Anything session – here’s what we learned.

1. Diplo might be a real-life Tyler Durden

Q. Who would win in a fight – you or Dillon Francis?

A. im a pretty good fighter. i used to be a in a fight club in philly that i always got beat up by the lead singer of paint it black

2. Ninja from Die Antwoord and Riff Raff are really like that

Q. What’s Ninja from Die Antwoord really like? Does he stay in character all the time?

A. people ask me about that bout rif too. i dont understand because they are just like tht in real life .. ninja is really smart tho and he is an artists at hear and realy proud south african in a wierd way he is expressing that

3. Not Diplo related, Snoop Dogg/Lion/ZIlla/Whatever made a couple of his legendary surprise Reddit appearances

aye wes when we gna get dat bubble butt doc ?? gta see dem asses from around da wrld cuh !!!

Ayo Neff!! Should of hollered at me 4 sum tips!! Hit me on tha bat phone I got sumthin 4 u.

4. Major Lazer was probably the best drunk idea anyone ever had

Q. How did you guys come up with the Major Lazer theme (which is amazing), art, and all. What’s the story behind all that?

A. just made it up at a bar one day then was like we have to follow thru on this the next day

5. Diplo didn’t want to be on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list (also he can’t really spell)

Q. Do you think that American EDM has already peaked? Were you disappointed in your DJ Mag rating this year?

A. i tried to be off that list cimpletely im dissapointed they even put me on it . i offered my fans 75 cents to vote for me to be dissqualified but it didnt work

Via Reddit. Diplo’s Revolution EP available now from Mad Decent. Major Lazer will Keep It Goin’ Louder at the 2014 BIg Day Out.