Most of the music I listened to when I was 13 has – in the harsh light of not being 13 anymore – turned out to be complete shit, but Deftones? Deftones have stood the test of time. Deftones are the beautiful pearl that emerged from the oyster of nu-metal and flowered (sorry about the mixed metaphors) into something that transcended metal entirely. In short: they kick ass. Extrapolating from this, I believe the festival they’re putting together will also kick ass.

The adorably named Dia de Los Deftones, just announced by the band, is taking place in San Diego, California in November of this year and will feature Deftones (duh), Future, and Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda as headliners.

Not headlining but still an unbelievably cool inclusion is experimental hip hop / punk band Ho99o9, who are the sonic equivalent of getting your teeth fucking kicked out, but in a really, really good way. Trust me on this one:

In a statement, Abe Cunningham sounded stoked as:

We want this event to be a celebration; with the incredible artists we’ve assembled, and the experiences we’re curating for the festival site, it’s going to be a wonderful day and night for all who join us.

Take a look at the poster and line-up below:

Very-Almost-Nu-Metal Legends Deftones Have Started Their Own Music Festival

Bonus content: this article from 2010 of Chino Moreno‘s favourite albums put me onto a bunch of bangers, the man has super interesting tastes.

Image: Getty Images / Larry Marano