Daft Punk and Justice Piano Medley

Piano medleys bring to mind unbearable school recitals, elderly singalongs and cruise ships. But thanks to youtube user theNapkinHolder the gay art of the Piano Medley should now be embraced by the once-jaded and unsuspecting masses. Oh the joyous wonders of exploring an artist’s back catalogue via swift ivory tinkling, is there anything better? We predict the show-tunes genre will enjoy a massive resurgence next year.

The following video also answers the age old question “what would an acoustic version of “Waters Of Nazareth” sound like?” the answer unsurprisingly, is pretty damn good. Videos like this make me wish my parents were those overbearing Asians that forced their kids to play piano on the daily…

Harder, Better Faster Stronger, Da Funk (1:10), Human After All (1:50), Robot Rock (2:35), One More Time (2:53), Aerodynamic (3:42), Digital Love (4:41), Crescendoll (5:46), Television Rules the Nation (6:06), Around the World (6:38), Harder, Better Faster Stronger (7:42)

Genesis, Let there be light (1:00), DANCE (2:00), Newjack (2:33), Phantom (2:57), Phantom II (3:22), Valentine (4:16), Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (5:05), DVNO (5:53), Stress (6:30), Waters of Nazareth (6:58), One Minute to Midnight (7:23), We Are Your Friends (7:57)