Conan the Barbarian – Dark Side Revealed in Documentary

Apparently the affable, larger than life, goofball talk show host, Conan O’Brien has a dark side, which will be revealed in an up-coming documentary set to air at next weeks SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.


Although, too be fair, I’m not too worried. The press release issued has explained how audience members will be exposed to a ‘darker’, ‘meaner’, purposefully ‘cruel’ and ‘sarcastic’ side… which pretty much sums up every comedian on the planet. A more startling announcement would have been “Documentary Will Expose Conan’s Pleasant, Mundane and Sensible Characteristics”.

The doco will give a fly on the wall perspective of the troubling times surrounding the whole Jay Leno/NBC travesty, which saw Conan mercilessly stripped of his Tonight Show hosting duties and booted out on his arse. Leno copped a fair bit of grief after that, which could almost become a sequel in its own right.

No trailer has been released, so in the mean time, allow us to furnish you with a video of Conan doing the string dance.