Collarbones Is Back At It Again With First Single Since 2014, ‘The Cut’

The lads from Collarbones haven’t been fully on our radars for a little while – they last released a new single back in 2014. Vocalist Marcus Whale says there’s a number of reasons for the radio silence: he’s been hard at work at some solo tracks, and Collarbones’ label Two Bright Lakes folded.

But they’ve been cooking some stuff up, and they reckon they’ve got about an album’s worth of choons, and are waiting for the world to stand up and say they’re ready for more of Collarbones’ signature crisp, intense beats.
Are ya ready? They’ve got a new one, premiering today on PEDESTRIAN.TV: The Cut’. It’s signature Collarbones – muscular, glitchy beats with synth stabs and Whale’s almost-menacing vocals. Take a listen:
Speaking to P.TV, Whale walked us through the vibes they were going for:
The Cut is a song we made expressly in order to make “a hit” which of course from us always ends up being a little bit raw or weird in some way. The song’s about being constantly haunted by the patterns that govern our behaviour, remembering the past’s ruptures and dissonances. It’s optimistic though, because when you’re in the moment with someone there’s hope you can break through and create something totally new, in spite of “the cut” that’s always there, always imbuing us with future failure.

Let’s see what else they’ve got for us in 2016.

Image: Jonno Revanche.