Cloud Nothings Make Us A Mixtape

Lo-fi power pop mavens Cloud NothingsAttack On Memory is on its way, but in the meantime, main man Dylan Baldi very kindly made us a mixtape full of the gems which inspired the record. Have a read, it’s full of some of the best obscure music LOLs we’ve ever seen.

“While I was writing the songs that would become Attack On Memory, I listened almost exclusively to music that was made before I was born,” he says. “This is a pretty common practice for me, actually, but I took it to a new level while making the record. I more or less memorized every guitar solo on the best Thin Lizzy albums, listened to only The Wipers for about 3 weeks, and fell asleep to Black Sabbath every night.”

This mix condenses my listening habits into an easily digestible “best of,” songs that strongly affected what I was thinking while writing my own music and hopefully sheds some light on why the new Cloud Nothings album sounds so different from any of the past recordings”

1. Black Sabbath – “Supernaut”

This song was recorded when Black Sabbath were totally zonked out on cocaine and god knows what else, which probably explains why they decided to include “Changes” on the same album, let alone any album at all. But the power behind that main riff is undeniable, and the little percussion breakdown in the middle is just icing on the cake.

2. Nina Hagen – “Born In Xixax”

I went to a bunch of record stores last time I was in New York City, and every single one of them had some Nina Hagen record for under five bones. The reason for that is because she’s kind of bad, but this song stays on just the right side of campy. All my favorite music is about one or two steps away from being terrible.

3. Killdozer – “The Pig Was Cool”

Speaking of music that is one or two steps from being terrible: Killdozer. This song is hilarious, and ever since I first found it I’ve had to listen to it at least once a week.

4. Zounds – “This Land”

I could listen to the guitar sounds at the end of this song on repeat forever. Forever. I love them.

5. Thin Lizzy – “For Those Who Love To Live”

Phil Lynott was just a cool dude. This should be what comes up in the dictionary under “Rock Music.” Also what comes up in the dictionary under “songs Atreyu has covered.”

6. The Wipers – “No One Wants An Alien”

The Wipers are undoubtedly the biggest influence on Attack On Memory. Every single Wipers song is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this band.

7. Bitch Magnet – “Navajo Ace”

Bitch Magnet have been one of my favorite bands for awhile…pretty much pitch perfect post-hardcore, good old-fashioned angular rocking and rolling. Can you roll if you play angular music? Or just rock? I dunno.

8. Swell Maps – “The Helicopter Spies”

This song and Swell Maps in general are an infinite source of recording techniques and ideas for me. There are so many layers of just stuff – not even “musical” stuff, necessarily – and it’s inspiring every time I listen to it. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s named after this movie, which is awesome.