Dallas Green Says It Feels Like “The Perfect Time” For New Alexisonfire Music

The man behind City & ColourDallas Green, is thankful that he has a creative outlet for his frustrations regarding the state of politics in America in 2018, but says that it feels like it might just be the perfect time for Alexisonfire, the sharper-edged side of the Canadian‘s musical weaponry, to make new music together.

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In a chat recently with PEDESTRIAN.TV about his current live record Guide Me Back Home – which was recorded across a huge stripped back tour of Canada in 2016, spanning 28 sold-out shows in 25 cities – Dallas spoke about how he feels about American politics and its effect on him after living in both the US and Canada.

I think so, it’s hard not to [be influenced by politics] especially when you’re from the country that’s north of the most powerful country in the world. A lot of that tends to rub off on us, or at least we can’t…it’s hard to escape it sometimes.

Of course, I was living there for a while too, and you definitely can’t escape it when you’re living there. Just like everybody else I happen to have an opinion on things like that, I just happen to have an avenue where I can sing about [it].

Dallas tells me that the City & Colour record he’s recording currently definitely has some agitation to it, though he realises that frustration and anger as an acoustic act sounds very different to the fury that comes through Alexisonfire’s ferocious, thrashy hardcore sound.

He feels that the time is pretty ripe for the influential St. Catherines five-piece to start making music together again, the first time since 2010’s Dog’s Blood EP and the group’s sudden disbanding.

There’s some angry moments on the new record. Obviously, they’re a lot more subtle than the angry moments on an Alexis record. But yeah, I think it would be…it kinda feels like the perfect time for it, to be honest.

So yeah, we’ll see. You never know.

The upcoming sixth City & Colour record is the first solo effort from Dallas to hit us since his 2015 release, If I Should Go Before You, and is due for a 2019 release.