Alexisonfire Dropped A Cryptic Video & Fans Are Losing Their Damn Minds

If you’re someone who went through an emo phase during the years 2002-2012 then you might have woken up to a few notifications from your old scene mates this morning, alerting you to the fact that Alexisonfire have posted something in the wee hours.

[jwplayer wdPM27I5]

I mean that’s what I woke up to and made me sit bolt upright in bed, watching the following snippet over and over, trying to find some meaning in the loop of guitar feedback and neon green glow.

The rascally Canadian punks have completely wiped their Instagram, changed their Facebook and Twitter icons to a clean black – a classic signifier that something big is on the way – and have posted…that.

A loop of a glitchy image, which finally lands on being a shopfront from a car park, someone sitting in the gutter, hunched over, a neon sign blazing ‘FAMILIAR DRUGS‘, and a sound that flattens out to be a single guitar note. At first I thought it was a siren, alerting the masses that hey, something’s about to go down in St. Catherines.

Guitarist Dallas Green told PEDESTRIAN.TV late last year that it felt like “the perfect time” for new Alexisonfire music, potentially a slight nod toward this mysterious tease.

If this is actually new music from the seminal post-hardcore band, then it’ll be the first time we’ve been blessed with new music from them since the release of the Dog’s Blood EP back in 2010. Nine years. NINE YEARS.

And in that nine years, they’ve had time to break up, explore new musical outlets like Dead TiredGallowsBlack LungsCunterBilly Talent, and Say Yes, reform as Alexisonfire to tour big festivals across the world with little to no complaint from fans.

Fans on Twitter are understandably losing their shit right now, mostly unable to express their excitement through anything but gifs. Same, mates. Same.

Time to cross all your fingers that this is what we think it is, and please for the love of god don’t make this an announcement for a live show or another vinyl box set. You can’t do us like that, guys.

We’ll absolutely keep you updated on this one, folks. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go wake up my entire house by playing Watch Out! at an alarming level.