Chvrches Turned A Dude’s Awkward AF Teen Love Poem Into Sweet Music

A lot of stories involving Chvrches tend to revolve around singer Lauren Mayberry telling this-or-that dickhead off for being rude on social media, but you’ll be happy to hear that today’s is just straight-up delightful.
The band recently appeared on The Mortified Podcast, which asks its guests to unearth the worst and most embarrassing relics of their teenage selves  – diary entries, love notes, poems – then present them to an audience. 
The new episode featured a segment called ‘The Mortified Muse’, in which guest musicians are challenged to take one of these hideously awkward teen artefacts and turn it into a song.
Chvrches, the first band to tackle the segment, were given a set of lyrics to a song called ‘Laurel‘, written by contributor Nat Miller when he was a lovesick 14-year-old, crushing on a girl in his high school.  
The Scottish three-piece took lyrics like ‘Do you see what I feel? Can you tell it’s real?’ and … kinda nailed it, turning the whole deal into a super catchy acoustic ode to young love and ~feelings~.
The podcast episode is embedded below, with the Chvrches portion kicking in at around the 25-minute mark:
Story: Pitchfork

Photo: Getty Images/Jeffrey Mayer