Chris Brown Gets Tattoo Of Bruised Woman’s Face

Just when we thought there was nothing left to say about douchebag extroaordinaire Chris Brown, he finds yet another way to demonstrate to the world that he is an idiot.

The internetz have been in overdrive since the serial bad decision maker unveiled his new tattoo: a neck piece depicting what looks like a woman’s beat up face, which bears an unfortunate similarity to the disturbing images of his ex-lover Rihanna after his violent 2009 pre-Grammy meltdown. Ill-advised inking choice there, Breezy.

The singer’s reps allege that the neck tattoo, despite its impeccable bone structure, busted lip and generous bruising is not meant to be Rihanna and is just a ‘random woman’… because a beat up anonymous female face tattooed on the neck of a convicted woman-hitter is an OK choice? It’s his body, we guess?

Image via NY Daily News

Don’t be surprised if Chris Brown’s next tattoo reads STUPID across his forehead. It’s been obvious for a while now that he is a silly dick of a man, but he clearly has shitty taste in tattoos as well.

Main image by Kevin Winter for Getty Images
Words By Nikki Brogan