Adam Goodes, Nakkiah Lui & More Are Hella Retired In Briggs’ New Video Clip

Briggs is back in town and when it comes to the video clip for his first solo single in nearly five years, ‘Life Is Incredible‘, he’s brought along the creme de la creme of Indigenous Aussies to make a statement about some pretty heavy issues.

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After busying himself with launching a record label, producing tracks with A.B. Original, starring in Cleverman and The Weekly, and writing for Black Comedy and a relatively unknown man named Matt GroeningBriggs has stepped back into the recording studio with his first solo music since 2014’s Sheplife

It’s a huge tune that’s catchy as fuck but holds a deeper message and commentary on the disparity in the mortality rate between Indigenous Australians and White Australians. At 32 (or “67 in White Years“), Briggs wanted to broach the topic of life expectancy of Australians.

Where Aboriginal people are faced with a life expectancy that barely matches up to what white people consider ‘middle aged’  – we pose the question, is it OK to be white? It’s incredible to be white! One could argue it’s advantageous, even a privilege to be white.

The video clip itself is playful and fun, but as each of Briggs’ friends in the ~retirement home~ kick the bucket when they shouldn’t be having heart attacks or passing in their sleep, it becomes evident that even though it all seems surreal, this is the reality of life expectancy for Indigenous communities.

As for celeb-spotting, you’ve got former Sydney Swan Adam Goodes straight up carking it from a heart attack before he can even get the back nine holes in at the local golf course, Michael O’Loughlin kicking the bucket on the bowls lawn, there’s Nakkiah Lui doing gentle aqua-aerobics with a cocktail in hand, and former NRL player George Rose on carer’s duties at Whitehaven retirement home. What’s in a name, huh?

Check out the whole video below and see if you can spot everyone in their best pastel polos and house slippers.

Briggs is playing a one-off show at Vivid Festival this year with his Bad Apples House Party on ThursdayMay 30, alongside The Kid LaroiElectric FieldsJesswarBirdz and heaps more.