Brian Eno & Talking Heads Collaborate On New LP

A few years ago when I finally realised my mum’s music taste wasn’t as wack as first thought, I decided to raid her vinyl collection, the same vinyl collection that I use to hassle her to throw out every time we were moving from house to house as a kid. I’m glad she didn’t listen to me though, otherwise I wouldn’t really know what I’m about to drop green on in a months time.

“Everything That Happens Will Happen Today” will be the pair’s first studio material since 1981 and will be 11 tracks long. + Did I mention a Byrne-piloted tour? Everything; will be available in plastic/vinyl/mp3dust. & If you don’t believe us watch Byrne’s psy-trancey announcement below.

Edit: The video was auto play, which was massively annoying> click here to see it:

Everything track list:
01 “Home”
02 “My Big Nurse”
03 “I Feel My Stuff”
04 “Everything That Happens”
05 “Life Is Long”
06 “The River”
07 “Strange Overtones”
08 “Wanted For Life”
09 “One Fine Day”
10 “Poor Boy”
11 “The Lighthouse”

Does this mean ENO&BYRNE will have successfully direct their music through 2 generation of the ___ family?

Title Image- “Everything That Happens will Happen Today” Album Cover Art by Designer Stefan Sagmeister