Maybe you’re a vinyl fiend and have a wall filled with ’em. Or perhaps you’re a lil’ LP rookie looking to start their collection. Either way, we’re sure everyone can enjoy an attractive looking turntable. Whether your aesthetic is clean lines or wooden vintage goodness, we’ve rounded up a bunch we would gladly put on full display in our lounge room, then take 506 photos of with full creative direction. 

This lush looking turntable features a solid bamboo plinth, but we’re really here for those beaut rounded edges and minimalist design. 

If slick is the name of your game, this turntable is right up your alley. So painfully minimalist with it’s all-white exterior, it won’t screw up your sparsely filled spaces by being, well, a big techy monstrosity.

Crosley are arguably the lords of aesthetically pleasing turntables, consistently throwing it back with mid-century styles that are often portable. This is one of their most beautiful designs, and would look right at home alongside your rehabbed leather couch and DIY vinyl shelf.

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This compact lil’ guy is perfect for when you’re low on space and also want a turntable that smoothly slides into your home’s style without standing out. 

Crosley’s suitcase-style turntables are super popular, in part because they’re insanely easy to lug around on, say, hols and house parties (don’t do that unless you want someone to spill their warm beer into yours), but also because they just look damn good. Like they dropped straight out of Pleasantville and into your 2017 bedroom.

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These sliiiick turntables make your records the art piece – their glossy base and minimal details mean they’re perfect for someone with one of those bells-and-whistles sound systems, who wants a swish turntable that’ll fit in with all that fancy tech.
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