Bon Iver Just Dropped 2 New Tracks & His M8 Kanye’s Influence Is Obvious

Forget Frank Ocean*. The other highlight of your musical life circa 2012, Bon Iver, has just thrown a coupla cuts from his upcoming full-length online.

Their titles: 10 d E A T h b R E a s T (Extended Version) and 22 (OVER SOON) [Bob Moose Extended Cab Version]. 
You may be able to tell from their names alone that this ain’t your ex-girlfriend’s Bon Iver: this is the Kanye-infused Bon Iver of 2016, where the only flannels on display are tied over leather pants, and falsetto vocals are churned through layers of Auto-Tune. 

The former tune sounds like a war waged between analogue drum machines and saxophones, with the big winner being Justin Vernon’s new word “fuckified”. The latter is essentially what it feels like to watch SBS at 3am while completely lit. 

That being said, they’re both bloody good. All that time he spent in the studio for Yeezus has paid dividends for our favourite rustic / robotic troubadour, and you can expect the full-length 22, A Million to drop on September 30.


*But, like, don’t actually forget about him. We still believe Boys Don’t Cry is possible.

Source: Bon Iver / YouTube.