Blink 182 Confirmed for Big Day Out 2011

So after much speculation – and with still 11 days to go before the official Big Day Out 2011 lineup is announced – it has been (unofficially) confirmed that pop punk rockers BLINK 182 will play at the forthcoming January festival.

Thanks for the heads up Danny Clayton (Channel V host), who last night Tweeted:

“Blink 182 are playing at Big Day Out. This is going to be the best BDO since 2000.”

Three hours later, he wrote:
“…turns out I wasn’t suppose to mention anything about Blink 182. Let’s forget this ever happened.”

Followed by:
“Oh dear. You know when you read about those “Leaks” in the media. Turns out that’s what I am.”

“Oh dear. I’m in trouble.”

Clayton’s Tweets have since not been removed, so surely he can’t be in that much trouble.

Following the lead up to the lineup announcement, BDO’s Facebook page has been leaving us ambiguous clues:

Clue #1:
In ’10 Mastodon performed their amazing album ‘Crack The Skye’ in its entirety. One of the 2011 acts will perform their classic album. PS they have played BDO before.

Clue #2:
One of the Big Day Out 2011 headline acts live in Los Angeles, California, USA. The other headliner doesn’t. Both are bands, neither are solo performers.

It seems Blink 182 could fit either or neither of these.

Stay tuned for the official BDO 2011 lineup announcement on Tuesday September 28.