Bieber Is Back At His Old BS, Chucks Multiple Tanties At Bizarre London Gig

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen supposedly-reformed Canadian pop-brat Justin Bieber go full insouciant toddler mode, with his last album ‘Purpose‘ coinciding with a newly responsible, seemingly mature approach to his public conduct. 

Well that’s all gone to shit as we are thrilled to announce that Bieber is back on his bullshit, baby!
Whilst it’s definitely not pissing-in-a-bucket or smuggling-monkeys-across-federal-borders levels of Biebering, the 23-year-old has apologised for his behaviour at the British Summertime festival in London, explaining he had a “bad night” on-stage, due to dealing with a head cold.
A few of the abnormal activities that constituted Biebs’ “bad night” include cracking the shits at his back-up dancers for talking whilst he was (“What are you talking about that is more important than what I’m saying?”, he reportedly spouted), as well as threatening to throw the booger-covered snot rag he’d been observed using to mop up his overflowing phlegm, at the crowd.
In further attempts to clog the flow of mucus, Bieber also apparently shoved a whole whack of Vicks vapo-rub up his schnoz, which, no, that’s not how you use that, Juzzy.
Our favourite moment from the bizarre performance however, is a zinger from JB that can only be described as Bill Shorten levels of scathing, as he threw a barb at the festival’s organisation at large, pointing to a merry-go-round on the site and noting “That looks fun… said no one ever!”.

Hey Biebs, 2010 Twitter called, they want their joke format back.
How the merry-go-round industry will ever recover from such a scintillating and verbose takedown, we just will never know.
Admittedly the dude was a bit sick and struggled through to give his fans a full two-hour performance, which is admirable. We just love it when he goes off-chops and shows us that the true dirtbag Bieber is always sitting there under the surface.
Source: The Sun.
Picture: Brian Rasic / Getty.