File this one under “things we did not expect to write today.
After his self-admitted “bad night” at a headlining gig in London, it seems Justin Bieber‘s personal recovery-method of choice is to immediately fang onto a plane and hot-step it way the hell out here to Sydney.
Bieber, would you believe, has been spotted today kicking about Bondi, jogging and messing with the odd rogue fan that’s recognised him, and generally enjoying what looks to be a pretty chill time.
No, we ain’t kidding. Yes, Justin Bieber really is in Sydney right sodding now.
Here’s what we know thus far:
– He’s gone for an extremely chilled-out shirtless stroll along the famous beach.

Now I’m a Belieber ??

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– He’s chucked a good old-fashioned hang at the extremely fashionable streetwear store The People Vs.

– He’s found a place to have a quick sit and a bit of a mung.

– And he’s run off lunch while messing around with a passing friendly heckler.

What he’s actually doing in the country beyond simply unwinding a bit is anyone’s guess.

But fair play to him, who among us hasn’t skived off work and high-tailed it down to the beach to unpack the head and refresh the soul a little?
Today, Biebs is just any other Sydneysider chuckin’ a sickie and doing a little self-care. It’s just, y’know, his commute to get down to Bondi was a little longer than most others.
Now if he’s *really* going full bore on a Bondi day off, he’ll be bent over a schooey at Beach Rd in about halfa.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Brigitte Gasson/Instagram.