Bang Gang Retrospective – Year One

Throughout this week, Pedestrian will be taking an acid trip down memory lane with Gus Da Hoodrat and Jaime Doom of six man party posse Bang Gang. The lads are set to release ‘The BangGang 12inches Compilation’ October 2nd on Modular, a double disc bonanza (one mixed and one unmixed) featuring Bang Gang 12’s finest releases from the last four years with additional unreleased and exclusive material. And to help celebrate their first label compilation release, Bang Gang 12’s will also hit the road next month to embark on a 30+ date tour across the country.

For those who weren’t there, we chatted to Gus and Jaime about how the Bang Gang party all began. In part one of our five part retrospective the duo tell us how six bros with inhuman alcohol tolerance and a genuine love of good times, dance music and each other started a club revolution in a former strip joint. Think Captain Planet and the Planeteers but instead of saving the environment they saved Sydney clubbing and instead of magic rings they wielded drink cards and poor DJ skills. Check it out below…

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Bang Gang are hosting a listening party on their Myspace right now so for a sneak peek at the tunes on their compilation click here!