Backstreet Boy Kevin Hints He Lost A Best Mate To Qanon & People Think Its Yr BF Brian

backstreet boys qanon brian kevin

Kevin Richardson, one of your various boyfriends from the Backstreet Boys, posted a massively cryptic tweet this week, hinting at the idea that he’s recently lost a close friend to the Qanon conspiracy, and everyone’s thinking it ya boy Brian Littrell.

Big Kev shared a Cosmopolitan article detailing what it’s like to lose a best mate to the rabbit hole of the extreme right-wing conspiracy theory, noting that it was an “interesting read” with the classic side-eye emoji, a love heart emoji, and the peace-sign emoji.

On the same day, Kevin also shared a second ~interesting article~ from Cosmo, about the connection between wellness influencers and the pro-Trump riots.

Two tweets as cryptic as the crossword in the Sunday paper, but fans have been quick to figure out that he’s possibly talking about his cousin, fellow Backstreet Boy, and my childhood crush Brian.

On January 8, the day Trump got indefinitely banned from Twitter, Brian posted about recently joining Parler – the right-wing social media platform that has been banned from the Apple and Google Play stores and has since been sent offline after its servers stopped hosting it.

Yikes, not a good look here champ. Not gonna come find you like a Where’s Waldo puzzle, sorry.

The long-standing Backstreet Boys fandom has come out swinging against Brian’s newest move to the pro-Trump app riddled with right-wing extremism and conspiracy theorists, with some saying they’re selling their upcoming concert tickets and donating the sale to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Guess it’s time to get another boyfriend.