Happy Friday folks, Ariana Grande has unleashed her new tune, ‘7 Rings’ complete with an extra as hell music video showing off the world’s sickest house party.

From the neon, to Ari’s gals, to the pink to the ‘My Favorite Things’ melody from The Sound Of Music, you’ve got yourself another bloody banger.

In short, your weekend has officially begun.


Last year, Ari answered a couple of fan questions about how the tune came to be. According to the goddess, she was having a crap day and so, to banish the negative vibes, took her friends to Tiffany & Co. and bought them all rings.

“It was very insane and funny,” she tweeted at the time.

The friends in question? Vic, Courtney, Alexa, Tayla, Njomza, and Kaydence. Ari also bought rings for her mom and granny which is just the sweetest.

Today is truly the good day.