Apple Unveils Streaming Service ‘Itunes Radio’

“Can’t innovate any more my ass,” said marketing chief Phil Schiller at an annual software development conference yesterday where announcements of iOS7 software, a forthcoming Mac Pro desktop machine and, in something of a compulsory surrender to the current media ecology that might collapse in the absence of music streaming services, an addition called iTunes Radio were made. 

Challenging almighty Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and most recently, Google, iTunes radio will be free to iPhone and iPad users (with ads, don’t be silly) or $24.99 per month for the premium ad-free experience. A notable point of excellence can be seen in iTunes 300 million existing users- iTunes is already attuned to your preferred music styles, and its Genius service scans your choons to bring you the stations that best suit you. It makes you feel unique, presumably. This is a fail-safe strategy. 
Further to this, the service boasts over 200 stations, and allegedly no less than “an incredible catalog of music from the iTunes Store” (Apple, 2013). The best part? You can consult your girl Siri and say things like “Who plays that song?” or ask the program to “Play more like this”. Just how innovative this will be is not yet known. But truth be told, yet another avenue through which to attain aural pleasures not spelt with an “o” is imminent. iTunes Radio will launch later this year. 
Title image via Mac Rumours