‘Bachie’ Star Apollo’s Debut Single Is Here & Of Course It’s A Vibe And A Half

Australia first met Apollo Jackson when he was vying for Sophie Monk‘s heart on last year’s Bachelorette. Even though she cruelly tossed him aside, somehow preferring Stu Laundy over him, we knew it wouldn’t — nay, couldn’t — be the last time we’d see the ridiculously ripped magician with the heart of gold.

Not only did we get to enjoy him (and a spicy Elora / Simone / Apollo love triangle) on Bachelor in Paradise and appreciate him as the new Tim Tam genie, but Apollo is now blessing our ear-holes with his fledgling music career. Sure, so he showed no inkling of musical talent on either season of Bachie, but who cares! Chase your dreams, mate.

i have many skills

The aforementioned bop, which has already reached #24 on the iTunes chart, is called With You, and of course it has come paired with a music video, which opens with our hero looking lovingly at a brunette woman (I squinted hard and pretended it was me) and telling her “you showed me how to change my ways / you showed me how to love again”.

I’ve decided that this man was clearly scarred by his whole experience with Sophie / Simone and this is a Taylor Swift-style musical middle finger to them. Don’t deny it Apollo, I won’t listen.

After he’s done talking about how ~broken~ he is, the song is mostly about how he’d “go anywhere” with the new lady, and it’s true – they definitely go to lots of places in the video. Walking through a field, rolling around in the grass, driving a convertible, moshing on a boat? Being with Apollo is an adventure, guys.

love 2 stare at u in an abandoned farmhouse
guys moshing on a boat seems dangerous is this thing gonna capsize
babe can we get up i’m feeling itchy
i’ll go anywhere with you as long as it’s in this fancy AF car okay
oh shit we’re lost in the bloody cornfields

You can check out the whole video in all its glory below.