It’s pretty much summer again, which means it’s time for my very favourite pastime: drinking beer in the driveway and blasting ‘Hungry Ghost‘ on repeat until my neighbours ask me to stop / call the cops.

Fittingly, the boys from Mansfield have announced a beer collab with Stone & Wood – a brewery pretty well documented to be the favourite of the band for a number of years:

They’ve also featured them in a bunch of their music videos (have a squiz around the 2 minute mark):

The lads took a trip down to northern NSW (apparently in a super dope 1970s Stone & Wood Land Rover) and worked with the brewery to make their very own Kolsch, called East Coast Crush:

They’re going to be launching the beer at a series of free parties just before the tour kicks off, and if you’re one of the first people to rock up and present a ticket for one of the live shows – hell, you’ll get your first beer free. Nice.

All the parties are on October 13th and kick off at 6pm at the following locations:

Adelaide: Bank Street Social
Brisbane: Crowbar
Perth: Flyrite
Sydney: Lord Gladstone
Melbourne: Yellow Bird

This goes without saying but they are 18+. Duh.

Source: Tonedeaf.

Photo: Stone & Wood.