AJ Maddah Reveals Soundwave Festival Dates For 2014

If you worship at the altar of metal, punk and hardcore, it’s time to whip out your personal almanac and plug in the dates for the 2014 Soundwave Festival which have been revealed by promoter AJ Maddah in a Twitter exchange spotted by the keen eyes over at MusicFeeds.

Maddah, whose occasionally diatribe-heavy Twitter feed is the kind of refreshingly uncensored stream of consciousness that would strike fear into the heart of every PR, told a follower who had requested the dates: “We start Sat Feb 22. Dates will follow same pattern as this year”. That means, according to this year‘s festival schedule, these are the dates you’ll need to lock in early for next year:

Soundwave 2014 Dates:
Saturday, 22nd February – Brisbane
Sunday, 23rd February – Sydney
Friday, 28th February – Melbourne
Saturday, 1st March – Adelaide
Monday, 3rd March – Perth