Aeroplane Jelly Has Redone That Bloody Ad With A New Precocious Child

Rejoice, friends: Aeroplane Jelly is back, in hip new remix form.
For the first time 25 years, Aeroplane Jelly have launched a new commercial, an updated version of the classic black-and-white ad intended to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary.
Created by Communicado and Ross Creative Counsel, the new ad begins with that ancient footage of a little girl in a tyre-swing, singing the hit song ‘I Like Aeroplane Jelly,’ before cutting to her modern-day, fully-coloured counterparts that all the kids seem to be into these days.
And while 25 years might seem like a long time between TV ads, honestly, why would they mess with perfection? Everybody sing along now…
According to Karen Marshall, head of marketing and innovation at AJ-owners McCormick Foods, the new campaign aims to reinvigorate “magic, passion and relevance” associated with the foodstuff and “grow awareness,” the latter part obviously being marketing-speak for “make some sweet jelly coinage“:
“With extremely high recall, Communicado’s concept to reintroduce the Aeroplane Jelly jingle in an advertising campaign with a modern take was the strongest approach to reignite fond memories of the brand, resonate with our consumers and encourage them to celebrate this milestone with us.”
The six-week campaign will feature AJ’s new product Glitter Jelly, because millennials are never fucking satisfied, and will apparently be followed up by a Christmas version in November.
And while our space-age technologies, ideas and products might tempt some to screw with history, AJ sounds it knows what it’s doing; with Ross Creative Counsel’s Jason Ross saying it’d be “irresponsible” to abandon the classic jingle, the jelly is in good hands.
Give the new ad a squiz below, and feel the nostalgia hit you:
Source: Mumbrella.
Photos: Aeroplane Jelly.