Actual Angel Adele Treats Children From Grenfell Tower To Private Movie Screening

Back in June, London local and actual certified angel Adele visited the site of the Grenfell Tower inferno to comfort victims and lend a hand. Soon after, she followed it up with a trip to a local fire station in Chelsea, where she had a tea and a talk with some of the first responders to the blaze.

The singer, who was recently forced to cancel her final two dates at Wembley Stadium because of concerns over her vocal cords, has also done a great deal of work behind the scenes for victims of the Grenfell tragedy, raising money and visiting schools in the community to lend a hand.

Late last week, the 29-year-old’s efforts to help out the local community continued, with reports that she treated some of the youngest survivors of the blaze and their families to a private screening of Despicable Me 3 at a London cinema.

A source told UK publication The Sun:

 Adele sees her work in the community as a full-time priority now her touring days are over for the foreseeable future. Being a local Londoner, she has made no secret about how personally affected she was by the Grenfell Tower blaze and wants to help in every way she can.

While she’s working hard behind the scenes to raise cash, she wanted to treat residents to a night of fun and help take their minds off what happened and organised a private viewing of the brand new Despicable Me 3 movie. Everyone was overwhelmed by her generosity.

Adele even organised a flock of Minions to come and hang out at the screening, which, no matter what your feelings on those little yellow guys, is a pretty dang great thing to do for kids.

Last month, in an Instagram post addressed to fans, Adele explained the cancellation of the final two shows of her world tour, saying that she was “struggling vocally” after a lengthy run of shows.

“To say I’m heartbroken would be a complete understatement,” she wrote at the time, adding “I simply can’t crumble in front of you and walk out on you in that way.”