IRL Angel Adele Spotted Comforting People Affected By Grenfell Tower Fire

Just when you thought Adele couldn’t get any better after that wildly charming Australian tour filled with congenial swearing, bug-hating, good advice-giving and love-spreading, she goes and does this.

Yep, that’s Adele, showing up to comfort people affected by the horrific fire at the Grenfell Tower apartments in London
According to the Telegraph, she attended a vigil for the 12 confirmed victims of the fire. Reports from the scene say that she turned up without fanfare, confirming her place among the top ten best individuals on Planet Earth. 

The singer has yet to publicly comment on her appearance at the vigil, but let’s be real: she doesn’t need to say a word. 
Source: The Telegraph.
Image: Twitter / @FourMee