A Practical Guide To Preparing For Splendour In The Grass 2013

Alrightly, it’s a week out from Splendour in the Grass so it’s time to get thinking about what you’re gonna want to have with you on your magical weekend of fun, frivolity and freakin’ freezing feet.  Hopefully you’ve already got your tent buddy sorted so from one seasoned punter to another, here’s a list of a few essentials to help get you packing. In coastal locales like Byron Bay there’s always the chance that wet weather’s afoot so listen to teacher, and “be prepared!”.

Your Ticket
Don’t forget your ticket. AND your ID. For the love of God don’t forget these two things.

You are definitely gonna want some gumboots. Do you
remember the mud pit that was last year??? Being only a week away,
gumboots within a 1000km radius of Byron have probably already sold out,
so hit up Wellies for some kickass designs or The Iconic
for some cult classics.  If it doesn’t rain, you’ve at least got some
sweet boots to keep your feet toasty, which leads us to…

To keep the cold out and the blisters away, you’ve gotta
remember your socks! No longer just a footwear necessity, socks are the
ultimate #fashun accessory. From Tetris to Monopoly to sharks eating
your leg, Urban Outfitters will fit out your feet perfectly.

Umbrellas are a big no-no at festivals – no one wants to get their eye poked out while listening to the smooth sounds of Frank Ocean! Stay dry with quite possibly the cutest Paddington Bear-inspired raincoat from ASOS or for a measly $3.83 you can pick up the standard bright yellow raincoat from Target (albeit at the risk of resembling I Know What You Did Last Summer‘s hook-for-a-hand teen slayer). If that’s still too pricey for your Splendour budget (cheapskate), you can pick up ponchos from your nearest shit shop for a pittance.

Note: Weather is looking pretty good according to the Bureau Of Meteorology‘s forecast.

You don’t want to be caught with your pants around
your ankles with no toilet paper in sight. ALWAYS carry a little packet
of tissues. These also come in handy when, you know, you need to blow
your nose..

Hand Sanitiser
If the port-a-loos are out
of toilet paper, there’s about a 98.3% chance you’re not going to find
any soap either. Plus, does anyone really trust the cleanliness of the
water coming out of those things to start with? A li’l bottle of hand
sanitiser could be the one thing that stops you from getting

Dry Shampoo
Apparently this is a must-have now. Boys, take note.

Due to the aforementioned rain gods, you’re not allowed
to set up camp beside your car this year. So for the next best thing,
get yourself one of these Kombi van tents. You’ll be the envy of the entire hippie vicinity. Extra points if you kit out your pet in tie-dyed Woodstock leftovers.

Splendour gets dark people! No one wants to be stumbling over people and tripping over flywires when attempting to find your campsite at 4am so make sure you pack a torch – or three.

An Operational Lighter
This quote is pulled directly from Pedestrian’s Guide To Hooking Up At Festivals: “Even if you yourself don’t smoke, there is a chivalry and generosity of
spirit connected to the act of sparking up someone’s smoke or doobie for
them. Plus, being the only person in the vicinity with a lighter gives
you instant cachet as a person of value and necessity to all surrounding

The costume staple at Splendour for the past few years, you’re gonna want to give yours an outing before the fashion police ban the onesie. If you’re yet to embrace the warmer-than-your-mother’s-hug trend, hop onto eBay quick smart and be a baby all over again.

The last thing you’ll want to do is pass out in the mosh from hunger so stash a few snacks upon your person for when the ol’ blood sugar is getting a little low. Think museli bars, sesame snaps, Le Snaks – anything in waterproof and mud proof packaging you had stocked in your Year 1 lunchbox will have you sorted for when the hungries set in at the barrier.


And the ultimate Splendour Swiss Army Knife is… the humble garbage bag.

Forgot your raincoat? Rip three holes in it and BAM, poncho. Forgot your gumboots? Wear one on each foot, YIEW gumboots. Forgot your sleeping bag? Curl up in a bag, TOASTY. Forgot your tent? Tape a few together and make a garbage fort, mmmm rustly. There are about a bajillion and one uses for the garbage bag, so bring a roll. Derelicte is back baby!

Print out the PDF for a hard copy of playing times or get virtual and download the Splendour In The Grass app for playing times, maps, news, a personal planner and more. It’s free and environmentally friendly.

Take Advantage Of These Magic Futuristic Wristbands
Splendour says that the RFID wristband technology enables festival goers to instantly check
in via Facebook, share festival experiences by updating their Facebook
status and post live music updates at custom-built Live Click Stations
around the festival site.
It’s basically stalking people via technology at Splendour In The Grass and it tracks every single act you go to, and makes a playlist for you on Deezer if you’re too excited to remember. Basically, it’s a partier’s best friend.

You can also use it to access the entire back catalogue of music for past Splendour acts through Deezer. All you have to do is:
Firstly click on the RFID link.
Step 1 verify your ticket
Step 2 connect to Facebook
Step 3 connect to Deezer for playlists like this one.

Get An Organic Doughnut From Byron Bay’s Organic Doughnuts Stall
Do yourself a favour/FLAVOUR.

Come To Our Party

Shameless plug: The Thursday night before the festival kicks into gear, we’re hitting The Northern with some artists from the lineup to get in the mood. You should come. You should also enter here to win free tickets.

For everything else head to the Splendour In The Grass website. See yeeeeeew there!