A Lorde Superfan May Have Uncovered Her Secret Onion Ring Review Instagram

It’s an open secret that celebrities hide their social media accounts, and Adele’s admission that she has a secret Twitter suggests even the biggest stars on the planet are inveterate lurkers. 

Not every world-famous muso runs an Instagram devoted to onion rings, though. Regardless, that’s the charge leveled against your pal Lorde, who may or may not have just nuked @onionringsworldwide. 

According to a source for Kiwi outlet Newshub, all of the signs pointed to the account well and truly belonging to the pop megastar / battered onion aficionado. The account was followed by Lorde herself, and a select few of her close comrades. 

The source (a 17-year-old fan, which should only make you more convinced of their social media-snooping abilities) also triangulated @onionringsworldwide’s posts with content published on Lorde’s official channels. 

It’s speculated that an onion ring reviewed on a plane was was actually eaten by Ella Yelich-O’Connor on a charter flight from Bonaroo festival in Tennessee, and look, the evidence is compelling. 

via Newshub / Instagram.
The site also ruminates on the Lorde-y captions and the account’s bio, which read “Every onion ring I encounter, rated.” Legitimately, if she had to speak on her secret onion ring-reviewing account, that’s probably all she’d say.

However, the piece of evidence that ties it all together is… Well, her digits. The source noted that photos posted by the account shows fingers that looked awfully similar to Lorde’s, and while we feel uncomfortable staring at someone else’s hands for so long, we have to admit there could be something there.

via Newshub / Instagram.


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Sadly, the account was nuked shortly after Newshub enquired about the account with her management. All we’ve been left with is the dream of Lorde’s novelty Instagram, and a hankering for some delightfully fried goodness.

Source: Newshub. 
Photo: Instagram.