Well this is awkward. Apparently, the brand spanking new version of our $50 note was printed with a typo. And let me tell you as a journo in a fast-paced digital world – the public do NOT forgive a typo. Cardinal sin number one, mates.

The mistake was noted by a caller into Triple M’s Hot Breakfast show on Tuesday morning. Apparently, the mistake occurred in the teensy tiny writing under the picture of King Edward Memorial Hospital in honour of Edith Cowan who helped set up this women’s and maternity hospital in Sydney.

The full text reads: “I stand here today in the unique position of being the first woman in an Australian parliament. It is a great responsibility.

At least it almost does. It seems the writer left out an ‘i’ in ‘responsibility’. Bloody, whoops!

Look, something this permanent probably should have been checked over a FEW more times to avoid a mistake like this on 46 MILLION new banknotes, just a thought. But I feel pretty sorry to whoever did this. Show me the person who hasn’t handed in work with a typo, just that one time. The only difference here is that everyone gets to see your mistake.

TBH, I kind of enjoy that there’s a typo? It’s pretty funny to me and seems more Aussie somehow? But also, intrigued to know who actually has the time to scour the tiny writing of a new banknote THIS closely.