6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Because Deep Down You’re A Bad-Ass

confidence boost - Greece

Confidence isn’t some unicorn-like quality that only a select few people are blessed with, like that girl at the gym who always wears a crop top or v. good public speakers. We’ve all got bad-ass, confidence boosted inner selves but sometimes it just takes a little bit of lovin’ to coax those suckers out and into the big, wide world.

It’s hard because life can be intimidating sometimes but much like making a hook-turn or asking that babe out for a drink – you’ve just got to go in confident. So without further paralysing fear or sweaty palms, we’ve whipped up a handful of tricks below that’ll give you the boost you need to live your best life. 

Start the day with a choon

According to a legit study, pre-gaming with a bass-heavy tune has the power to boost your confidence. That’s why all those athletes and A-type personalities have their amp tracks, guys. If you needed an excuse to listen to your fave bonafide banger once a day, then this is it. It’s all in the name of self-confidence, baby.

Wear ya good outfits

There is this thing called ‘enclothed recognition’ which is basically the idea that what you wear can affect your psychological processes. So like, if you’re starting your day wearing n outfit that makes you feel gooooood, then you’re gonna hold onto that sassy feeling all day long.

Do stuff you’re good at every day

We fall down in self-confidence when we’re faced with our old mate failure. The idea of not being good at something instils paralysing fear in the hearts of even the bravest specimens. It’s an ego thing.

Our ego would prefer to be bundled up in cotton wool than face a bruising. But if you do something you’re really bloody good at every day, it will be a daily reminder of your own power. It’s a very Eat, Pray, Love kind of method. Maybe you’re legit good at solving the rubix cube or singing along to literally any Beyoncé song, whatever it is – do it today.

Hold yourself like a boss

I’m a sloucher by nature. I work behind a desk, I hunch my shoulders, I do all of the bad posture things. But you know what? When I consciously draw my shoulders back, stand tall and think ‘length’ I automatically feel empowered. It’s weird, but it works.

How you hold yourself physically plays such a big part in not only your mental state but also how others see you. If you communicate that all-over Gina Linetti confidence then people are gonna stand up and take notice.

Give yourself a digital break

Is it nice to wake up to no double taps on a photo you posted last night? Is it nice to wake up to pictures of people in bikinis on a beach when you’re about to start your day at work? Also no. Try not to let comparisons be the first thing you’re confronted with for the day, and you may see a shift in how you feel from the get-go.

Tidy the hell up

Do it. Go full KonMarie on your workspace/ home life/ bedroom situation. If your environment is full of chaos, your mind is probably in chaos too. So of course you need a confidence boost.

You’re going to feel a hundred times better and a hundred times more confident in yourself when you’re not surrounded by last week’s dirty laundry, a pile of dishes and several hundred take-away coffee cups (just get a KeepCup, man).

Become a morning person

I’m not a morning person, I’ve never been a morning person. I was eternally late for the school bus and I almost never ate breakfast as a kid. Sure, I grew up to be a semi-functioning adult but as I grow older I see the beauty (and necessity) in a solid morning ritual.

Those first few minutes of your day are super crucial to setting the tone. So give yourself the time to be mindful in the morning, even if it’s just buttering your toast.

Make that change you’ve always wanted to

Whether it’s giving your hair a chop, signing up to the gym, cutting out a toxic mate, moving house or getting a new job, committing to a change you’ve always put off can be a real confidence boost. Weird how control and discipline can do that, huh?

We’ve all got this – whatever ‘this’ is. Dig deep, embrace your own power and pull on your confidence jocks.