What To Do If You’re Struggling To Pick A Career Path & Your Psychic Was Useless

career path

Fact #1: I did not do any research when I applied for uni, nor when I chose uni courses, nor where I wrote assignments for said uni courses.

Fact #2: I was a wildly average uni student solely because of fact #1.

Me in quite literally every class I took

The point I’m making is that if I had actually put some thought into what I wanted to do – proper thought, not just assuming that it’ll all work itself out – I probably would’ve got to where I wanted to be sooner than I did. Or I could’ve died, who knows? That’s the fun.

So, if you reckon you need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, here are a few options for ya:


Look, while recommending career counselling is like flogging a dead horse, I’ve heard from a bunch of friends that it’s helped for them, so it may very well help for you. Or, you may get unlucky and find some random who tells you to pick a colour before telling you what that colour means for your future (no joke, true story).

To avoid situations like the one above though, I recommend hunting around a bit before you decide on one – you don’t want colours to be dictating what you’ll be doing for a good chunk of your life.


During my half-assed attempt at uni, I avoided Open Days like the plague. I mean, I avoided everything like the plague as most of it required effort but still…

From what I’ve gathered though, open days can be insanely helpful in your quest for a career. You’ll bump into like-minded people, mentors, tutors, professors – every single person with the knowledge to help you will all be in the one place.

If you’re wanting to head to one in the next few weeks, RMIT is hosting an Open Day on August 11 at their Melbourne CBD campus. Alternatively, the Bundoora campus is throwing an Open Day on August 4.


I dunno what it is about these unis but my god do they not stop trying to better your life. What if I want to live with my parents for the rest of my life, playing Xbox and complaining about nothing being in the fridge for the rest of my life, unis? Hm? Ever considered that?

They essentially have everything you need to start sussing out options though, so if you’re one of those annoying go-getters who’s keen on a paycheck, you can hit ’em up.


If you ask the right friend, you’d be surprised at how helpful they can be.

My suggestion is to ask mates who flamed out at uni – you can silently learn from all of their major mistakes and terrible life choices while also making them feel useful.

My other suggestion is to avoid asking any of your competitive mates – they’ll assume your identity, frame you for armed robbery and get you arrested just so you don’t beat whatever uni score they got.


I know dating apps are all the rage if you insist on the non-single life, but have you ever considered using them to get unbiased advice from a complete stranger?

Instead of opening with the usual “I’m so lonely” icebreaker, ask them questions about their professional life.

If they seem like they’ve got their head screwed on, invite them on a date and then unload all of your own career concerns on them.

Who cares if they think it’s weird, you’re not there to make friends.