All The Boring Grown-Up Stuff That’s Costing You Way More $$$ Than It Should

It’s so easy to set up all your adulting things and then just leave them. You’ve already done the research right, so now you can rest soundly. Ahhh no, sorry. At least, not if you want to continue to have the best deal and save money.

These are the big things everyone pays for that we really should be updating regularly.

Energy Providers

Most Aussie households have never bothered to switch energy providers, whether that be gas or electricity. And it makes sense. After all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Plus most energy contracts just keep rolling over so it probably never crosses your mind anyway.

Except that by not shopping around, you could be spending upwards of $500 more than you need to be, especially if you joined the provider on a discounted plan that usually doesn’t continue one your contract rolls over.

Comparison website that this might be starting to change now that energy prices are on the rise. While their survey found that 27% of peeps had never changed providers, especially Baby Boomers, that in the last 2 years almost 30% of people had switched over.

Insurance Policies

Health, car, household, travel or anything else you’re paying money to insure. Deals change, policies change, the amount of money you could be saving changes. You know what else changes? Your health needs, car type, travel destination and, well, everything else. Make sure you keep reviewing your needs versus how much you’re paying for them.


I know I’m not the only one who opened a bank account in high school and haven’t even looked at another bank since. Not because I’m just so amazed by my bank, but because I don’t hate it and who could be bothered? But we should be. Not sure what to compare? Checking out the fees and rates is a good place to start. Beyond that, chat to a financial advisor.