The Most Bankable Actor Of 2017 Is Jeremy Renner, For Some Reason

Last week we brought you the shocking news that the most overpaid actor of 2017 – by quite a significant margin – was none other than Mark Wahlberg. If you’re making a film, guys, it would be in your best interest not to hire Mark Wahlberg for a role. But who was the most bankable star? According to the folks at Forbes, it is… Jeremy Renner?!

Yep. The calculus is the same one Forbes uses to determine its most overpaid actor – dividing the estimated global box office for an actors’ films by their estimated pay for said films – and it determined that it was indeed Jeremy Renner who provides the best bang for a producer’s buck.

Renner’s films returned an average $93.80 at the box office for every $1 he was paid. For comparison’s sake, Wahlberg’s films returned only $4.40 for each dollar spent on his salary. Not great, folks. They also look similar enough, so if you were going for a Wahlberg vibe without the Wahlberg expenditure… might I recommend JEREMY RENNER?

As for the others on the most bankable list: women took out three of the top five slots. Emma Watson came in at number 2, generating $70.70 at the box office for every $1 she earned on her last three films. The third best is Scarlett Johannsen, who clearly scored big thanks to the massive performance of Marvel. Then comes Amy Adams with a per-dollar figure of $46.40, mostly thanks to Arrival.

There you go folks. Renner-mentum is officially happening. Hop on board the Renner train – it is going places. I don’t even remember the name of his character from the Marvel movies… but this dude is big news.