Some Genius Tried To Rent This Bullshit Small Bondi Room Out For $200 P/W

Sydney is a wonderful city, sure, but its housing situation has been a point of contention for some time now. We’re not just talking about property prices, either, rising rents are also starting to hurt a lot of people trying to make ends meet.

And look, it’s not uncommon for people to sublet a spare room in their place for a bit of extra cash each week, but under no circumstances should you attempt to rent what is barely a room for as much as $200 per week.

This was an honest-to-God Facebook ad for a Bondi room that’s barely 1 metre in width, offered for $200 a week. Look at this shit. LOOK.

Excuse me, but how in the fuck are you meant to fit a bed in there? Even a single bed would be a tight fit in a space like that. And for 200 fucking dollars per week? Sweet Jesus.

The ad has since been removed from Facebook, but not before users could absolutely savage it in the comments section, with one asking, “someone please tell me this is a joke”. I really, really hope it is.

“$200’s pretty steep for a walk-in wardrobe,” wrote another. No shit. I reckon Harry Potter had more room than that under the bloody stairs.

It’s not the first time someone’s made a play for ridiculous rental situations, either. In May of 2017, a resident of Sydney suburb, Sydenham, offered a small tent in their backyard for $130 per week. A tent. Outside. In a yard.

Just another day in Sydney’s insanely cooked rental market, folks.