If you’re into skincare and love a solid hour or two on r/skincareaddiction, you’re well across the phenomenon that has been The Ordinary.

The skincare brand – owned by uber-brand Deciem – has an ethos of providing skincare that works, for a lower price. Basically, you’ll find all the hyped ingredients (retinol, maracuja oil, etc) without the hectic price tags most brands attach to their products that feature those ingredients.

Deciem have a history of brands that land under their company umbrella that gain cult status. Another big hit? Niod, whose copper amino isolate serum frequently comes up on beauty aficionado’s ‘best of’ lists. Basically, the brand has a knack for creating sub-brands that really hit the mark with the current beauty-obsessive audience, offering hard working, science-based products for folks who literally know everything there is to know about beauty.

Warning: This post was way too much to write, it's way too much to read and some people will call it marketing gibberish ???? . The second major edition of @niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) has arrived and we could not be any more excited about it. CAIS 2:1 replaces CAIS 1%. While the first generation of CAIS 1% contained direct GHK copper peptides (known as GHK-Cu), this second generation contains 2% of pure GHK peptide of which 1% branches with copper ions upon mixing (NIOD’s new patent-pending approach for fresh, on-the-spot assembly of copper peptides), forming 1% pro-repair GHK-Cu (copper peptides) and leaving 1% free-form, pro-collagen GHK peptides. Both GHK and GHK-Cu exist independently in human plasma and support a wide range of health functions around healing and collagen maintenance. This formula update also includes the addition of collagen-support peptides, Tripeptide-29 (>9% undiluted direct peptide), Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 and Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2. The base system of the formula combines mono-dispersed, plant-derived glycogen that forms spheres to protect the peptides, penetration-enhancing Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3 and cross-linked non-equilibrium hyaluronic acid. CAIS required a neutral pH, but CAIS2 is stable and effective in the pH range between 4.5 (acidic) and 7.4 (alkaline). And the formula does not require refrigeration. Phew… now the simple stuff ????: The formula has climbed kilometres but the price hasn't moved up even an inch as our growth has allowed us to negotiate much better peptide pricing. CAIS 2:1 is now available in 30ml. The 15ml size will be available in December. We have a lot in stock but we also have a really big waiting list. Please be patient with us as it will take up to a week to fulfill orders. For the NIOD-obsessed, Copper Amino Isolate Serum 5% will be replaced with Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 5:3 (CAIL 5:3) which will be available in early 2018. And finally, some illogically-good Black Friday sets are on their way for this Friday but CAIS2 isn't part of this year's offers. ????❤️

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Now, the brand is moving into the fragrance realm, which honestly we could not be more excited about. Given fragrance has taken a turn toward niche scents from smaller brands (think Le Labo, Commodity and Serge Lutens) and sciency “skin” scents like Glossier’s You and Juliette Has A Gun’s Not A Perfume, it makes sense that Deciem branch out into this world.

Avestan is the name of their fragrance brand, which is all about unconventional scents according to founder Brandon Truaxe.

Avestan is…a deviation from familiar notes that move us through the past. It is an exploration of the untried. It is a journey to create new meaning through scents. It is a departure from lavender and rose to an unfulfilled journey of unfamiliar notes: clays, stems, saps, places and moments. Avestan is an avant-garde play on nature – one that disallows the mind to identify but creates instead a welcomed occasion to explore.

The brand has eau de parfums, parfum concentres, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, lotion, bubble bath and candles in the range, with some scents having all products and some having a few. Basically, if you want you can have your entire routine smelling exactly the same.

A few of the perfumes? There’s A Tannery In Tuscany – which is meant to evoke tanning suede on a summer afternoon:

Tibet, which has the description “a humble selflessness amongst the sands, rocks and gusts of Tibet”:

And ESFĀHĀN, which uses Assam oudh and crushed saffron to get it’s heady scent.

There’s no launch date as yet – just Fall 2018 – and even when there is, it’s likely Australia‘ll have to wait to get our hands on these babies. But given they’re likely to sell like hotcakes we reckon it’s only a matter of time. And there does seem to be a store somewhere in the world, judging by this pic from Brandon’s Instagram.

Keep your eyes on their site here if you’re as excited as we are.

Image: Ico Design