Tell Us About Your Sharehouse Life & You Could Win $2K Off Yr Monthly Rent

bad roomate

Everyone who is lucky enough to be alive and well in 2018 knows what renting’s like, which isn’t always easy. It can be fun living with mates and lapping up that independence, but it can also be tough to make ends meets thanks to the costly prices.


So, if you answer the questions about renting life above, you’ll be in the running to win a cool $2K off your monthly rent. Trust me when I say it’ll make all the difference in your life. If your living situation’s anything like mine, that’s basically free rent for two months (if you apply the prize only to yourself and not share amongst your housemates, if you have those).

What? Us renters have got to stick together. One drain hairball at a time.

But seriously, it’s not all bad. Maybe you’ve managed to secure the best housemate combination in existence. Perhaps you have a pretty neat rental experience because your landlord is more nurturing and caring than your last partner. Or maybe your roommates stink, both literally and figuratively, and your landlord hasn’t answered your emails in over a year.

Whatever the scenario, we wanna hear all about it. So go on, answer every question in the survey above (you need to give ’em all a hot go to be in the running) and let fate step in to make renting a lil’ easier with a neat discount. It’s all part of the ~journey~ of life.

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