Decluttering Messiah Marie Kondo Is Gonna Be Sparking Your Joy On Netflix

Home organisation prophet Marie Kondo has signed a deal with Netflix to bring her massively popular cleaning philosophy to the screen, with an eight-part reality series reportedly in the works at the streaming juggernaut.

The project does not yet have a title. For the purpose of this article, it will be referred to as Toss It, Ya Gronk.

Toss It, Ya Gronk will follow Kondo as she aids homeowners on their quest to “spark joy” through the art of decluttering, and to only keep items that make ’em feel real happy.

The show follows the worldwide success of her book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, in which she advocates for punters to eliminate excess stuff through the ‘KonMari’ method – a ruthless and pragmatic approach to ditching unnecessary clutter which has been praised for its apparent psychological effects.

In a statement, Toss It, Ya Gronk producer Gail Berman said “we’ve seen individuals undergo astonishing and moving personal journeys simply by applying Marie’s approach to their own homes, and we are delighted to work with her and Netflix to share her method.”

So, you can expect Toss It, Ya Gronk to fit somewhere between Hoarders and The Secret on the big spectrum of lifestyle reality television.

There’s no projected release date for the program, but that’s just as well: that means there’s time for you to ditch every joyless possession but your laptop before Toss It, Ya Gronk arrives.