Humble Opinions: 10 Bed Sheets That Are So Damn Soft You’ll Wanna Trade A Night Out For ZZZs

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If taking that glorious first sip of coffee is the best part of our morning, then crawling into bed after a long, hard day is the highlight of our evening. And being able to dive right into cloud-like linen bed sheets is the fkn cherry on the cake. One that can only be made better if you have freshly shaved legs (IYKYK). Sadly for us, not all bed sheets are created equal because the quality of linen can vary depending on thread count and fabric.

And because testing them all would be a truly laborious (yet satisfying?) task, we asked for our colleagues’ humble opinions on the matter to see if we could find you, our loyal PTV reader, the one set of linen bed sheets to rule them all. Turns out, you can’t really go wrong with the eight sets below. Happy shopping (and sleeping)!

Manchester Factory

“I literally cannot sing enough praises for these sheets — from the moment I opened the packaging and felt how soft they were, I knew they’d make for a dreamy, silky sleep. And I was right. Bedtime feels so fkn luxurious now I can’t even tell you. They’re also a really nice trans-seasonal staple because they’re not too cooling or super warming either.” — Chloe

You can buy the Manchester Factory Sienna Living Sheet Set here.


“Known for their crazy good furniture, when I heard that Koala was also doing sheet sets, I simply HAD to try them. And boy, did they not disappoint. They’re soft, they’re breathable, and they’re also a lot more cooling than my other linen ones, which is great news as we finally head into summer. I’m on my sustainability grind these days too, so I also love that they’re made from eco-friendly TENCEL fibres. I got them in the green colour pictured here, but they have a bunch of really nice colour options for whatever suits your room’s aesthetic best.” — Tiffany

You can buy the Koala TENCEL Sheet Set here.


“Heading into warmer weather, the Eva hemp linen sheets have been perfect for a good night’s sleep. They’re cool when needed but warm when it counts in the wee hours of the morning. They feel a helluva lot different to the synthetic sheets I usually have on my bed, so in that sense, it took a couple of nights to get used to, but now I don’t know how I lived without them for so long. I’m actually looking forward to hot summer nights now that I feel prepared to take them on with these bad boys.” —  Matt H

You can buy the Eva Hemp Linen Sheets here.


“There’s an old saying: When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all. I think that’s the best way to describe the Bhumi Sateen Sheets. In all honesty, they felt a little stiff at first, but once I got them on my bed, they just felt right, still stiff, but in a nice, tight way, like they were ready to do the job. And they did the job. I’ve slept soundly every night since first chucking them on my bed a few weeks ago.” —  David

You can buy the Bhumi sheets here. 


“Ecosa just launched 100% European Flax Linen sheets, and I’m glad I got my hands on some. While I do love their bamboo sheets, these ones take the cake. I got the Queen sheet set in rose, and they look a dream on my light timber bed. What I love about Ecosa sheets, and call me a loser if you like, is that they specify which part of the sheets are the ‘long side’ with a tag. If anyone’s struggled with a fitted sheet going on the wrong way, then it’s the little things like this that make making a bed less of a drag.” — Chantelle

“I’ve never tried bamboo sheets before, but my word, these Ecosa ones are the absolute shit. I got a sheet set (which comes with a fitted sheet, loose sheet and 2 x pillows), and I think I’ll be buying the doona cover and 2 x more pillowcases immediately because I love the feel. I got the mustard colourway, which looks a bit goldish, but because I’m sleeping so good, I’m getting drool marks on the pillowcases. If you don’t drool, you’re sweet – if you do, you’re looking at a lot of pillow flipping until you can be bothered to do your washing.” — Sarah

You can buy Ecosa sheets here.

I Love Linen

Linen bed sheets

“I love the Gingham print and gord colourways in the I Love Linen sheets! After struggling with scratchy linen in the past, these were honestly super soft, and I slept like a bebe. They even make linen clothing which are just as cute!” —  Holly

You can buy the I Love Linen sheets here.


“My BF is a hot sleeper (and basically a weighted blanket for me), so I was worried we’d overheat like we do with silk sheets. However, I was wrong, very, very wrong. The Ettitude sheets are like sleeping on the softest, silkiest cloud. They’re super breathable, feel amazing on freshly shaved legs (IYKYK) and don’t go sliding around the bed. I’ll be investing in another set so I can have these sheets, and only these sheets, on rotation.” —  Bree 

“I’ve never really invested in bed sheets. I always thought it was a bit of unnecessary indulgence and was perfectly content with the cheap/affordable sheets I’d always opted for in the name of convenience. The Ettitude sheets were my first time ever trying out a set of smooth, silky sheets and honestly, I might have to make room in the budget for bougie bed linen in future because they were simply divine. My only criticism is that they were almost too slippery – I’m a pretty restless sleeper, so I found that they’d yoinked themselves off the bed, or I was completely cocooned in them by the morning. Anyway, they’re in the wash now, and I’ve never felt like more of a peasant getting into my old sheets.” —  Bianca 

You can buy ettitude sheets here.

Bed Threads

Linen bed sheets

“After spending years getting the best I could at Kmart, I finally bit the bullet and got a decent linen bedspread from Bed Threads. I’ve been signed up to their eDM for a while now for the room inspo alone. It sounds lame, but once you’ve got a good bedspread, the rest of your room starts to fall into place. They look as good as a magazine spread does (when you actually make your bed…), but you’ll likely find them a lil’ scratchy the first few wears(?) They soften in the wash over time. Ultimately, it’s the colour range for me, which is the most expansive I’ve seen when it comes to linen sheets, but then you do have the hard task of picking a shade that works for you.” —  Chantelle 

You can buy Bed Threads sheets here.

The Sheet Society

“I love my The Sheet Society sheets! You can also virtually build your bed to know what colour combos work etc, which has been a lifesaver, and unsure why not every other brand does it.” —  Jamie  

“The best parts about sheet society are their fitted sheets that don’t budge and their pillowcases which are designed to also not budge (I’m a hoe for linens, and these things impress me).” —  Pema

You can buy The Sheet Society sheets here.

Miss Molly

“The Miss Molly sheets are really lovely and soft, not scratchy at all. I first discovered them at an Airbnb I was staying at in Mollymook, looked at the tag, did some Googling and realised the boutique was kind of on the way home to Sydney in Thirroul, so we made a linen sheet detour!” —  Josie

You can buy Miss Molly sheets here.

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